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Entrance & Arrival

Gates will open 90 minutes prior to the show. There will be other events occurring at The OC Fair & Event Center, so it is important that you enter the CORRECT GATE!!!

GATE 3 off of Fairview Drive is the CORRECT GATE. DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THE MAIN GATE 1 where the video billboard is. Enter only through GATE 3. Please check out the video that will be posted under "Messages" on this website. The video will show you exactly where to enter and what to expect once you enter. 


Please make sure you have already purchased a ticket and your mobile device is charged. Tickets are not available on site. 


You are encouraged to arrive early as placement in your section is based on first come first served.


Please have your QR CODE readily available for scanning and please place your device and code against your window for scanning. 


Once scanned, you will be directed to your section and placed in a queue that will retain your placement. 


This will be the VEHICLE STAGING AREA prior to driving into the venue. Please see videos in MESSAGES section for clarity.


At the appropriate time, our staff will guide you and your vehicle to your placement in the venue.


Once in the venue, you will see a video presentation that will confirm the radio channel for your section, remind you of the Drive-In Concert Safety Protocols and a message on the plan for your departure after the show!


Please be patient upon departure. Please have everyone in your vehicle when the show ends. The show will be 60 minutes. The plan is for a quick and steady egress of the 221 vehicles in the venue. 


Please be sure to visit the restroom prior to leaving your home.


We at Autosonic Concerts want to provide the community with a safe environment while delivering a GREAT SHOW for our patrons.  We are looking forward to seeing you! Enjoy the show!

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